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Are you ready to get your product in front of tens of thousands of users who are interested in purchasing and reviewing unique products?

Do you want to increase the probability of having a successful product?

Look no further than The Ultimate Marketing Tool!

The Ultimate Marketing Tool can be utilized to increase engagements with potential customers and existing customers.

Exponentially increase your customers, email lists, and engagement all with The Ultimate Marketing Tool!

How does The Ultimate Marketing Tool work?

The choice is yours on how your promote and improve your products with the Ultimate Marketing Tool.

First, you want to decide on what you want to use The Ultimate Marketing Tool for.

  1. Do you want to advertise your product?
  2. Do you want to advertise a sale event for your product(s)?
  3. Do you want to gain reviews for your product on a specific marketplace?
  4. Do you want to get opinions on perspective designs and features for your product?
  5. Do you have another message in mind you want to share about your product, idea, or website?

After you decide, then fill out the fields above.  If you are looking to get feedback for product designs make sure to upload a numbered product collage.  Although it is optional, it is highly recommended to add your email so you can interact via email.

You can use The Ultimate Marketing Tool to spread the word about your product, plus gain critical feedback on your products by utilizing The Ultimate Marketing Tool as a one of a kind focus group.

Not sure which designs would resonate with your targeted audience?  Utilize The Ultimate Marketing Tool to reach out to engage customers and get important opinions about your products and designs.

Take critical feedback and opinions to improve your products, follow up with potential customers as well as already existing customers with The Ultimate Marketing Tool to show off your products!

With The Ultimate Marketing Tool, you will create a sale or promotional event based upon the marketplace you sell on (see below for more instructions on how to do so).

We then take the promotional code or sale event and run it through our direct marketing channels.

If you have a product you think people would be interested in and you have the margins to offer a discount of at least 35% off of what you are currently selling it for, then this service is for you.

The Ultimate Marketing Tool Benefits

  • Get your product in front of tens of thousands of people who are actively searching for unique products to buy and review!
  • Looking to get as many sales as possible without having to communicate with potential customers?  You can include your promotional code or codeless coupon directly with your sales summary to give our interested buyers everything they need to purchase if they want to right away!  You can also still include an optional form of contact if you desire.
  • Looking for a hands on approach?  With our marketing funnels, you are able to directly communicate, engage, and screen potential customers! You can omit your promo code/codeless coupon from your sales summary and include a form of direct contact.  This allows you to decide whether or not to share your promotional code or codeless coupon with each customer as well as a way to directly engage potential buyers!
  • Increase your ranking naturally by increasing your sales.
  • Expose your product to people all around the world!
  • Free for Ultimate Marketing Members
  • Free for Unlimited Members

You can create a promotional code or sale event for every product you have, or create one per product!

Due to strict editorial standards, we can only allow the same product/event once every 48-72 hours.

If you have multiple products, you are able to create 1 event per product every 48-72 hours.  If you had 10 products, you could create 10 sales events every 48-72 hours or create 1 sale event for all of the products every 48-72 hours, whichever you preferred.

For best results, you want to submit each product separately.  Products that are not related or lumped together may be overlooked by potential buyers.

Our main target demographic is female women who reside in the United States and are between the ages of 24-39. They are looking for unique products that are discounted to buy and review.  The larger the discount provided, the more interest it will generate.

How to create an Amazon Promotional Code:

Visit to learn all of the details associated with creating a promotional code.

Always make sure you check exclusive for the coupon claim options and do not show it on your product detail page, unless you want to.

How to create an eBay Promotional Code:

Go to click Create a Promotion.

  1. Select Codeless Coupon
  2. Set the amount of the discount.
  3. Set the inclusion rules or add specific items.
  4. Set the time of your promotion.
  5. Once complete, click save.
  6. At your dashboard, click the arrow by the copy button, select View.
  7. Copy the shortlink for your codeless coupon it starts with typically.
  8. That shortlink is the promo code for your promotion.

How to create an Etsy Promotional Code:

Creating an Etsy promotional code is straightforward and simple.  Go to

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